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Greetings from the editor of the IOBA Standard

Competitive Altruism in Book Selling (CABS)

The Summer 2016 issue of The Standard features several pieces on the Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar (CABS), including an essay on the IOBA scholarship program, and accounts from three IOBA Scholarship attendees of the 2016 seminar. Rounding out the issue…

From the Editor – Tim Doyle

Welcome to the Spring 2016 issue of The Standard, the journal of the Independent Online Booksellers Association (IOBA). One month ago, incoming IOBA President Joan White approached me about taking over as Editor, and re-booting The Standard. The journal was…

From the (Guest) Editor

Welcome to the second issue of The Standard for 2013, and my inaugural turn as guest editor! I’d like to thank Chris Volk and Howard Prouty for inviting me to edit this issue. It’s been a pleasure and privilege working…

From the Editor

Less than three weeks after assuming the position of Editor, I am pleased to present the first issue of The Standard for 2013, and to rededicate it as the voice of IOBA. This is meant in a dual sense: as…

The IOBA Standard 2.0

Welcome to the first all-new issue of The Standard in nearly three years. From dealer discounts to African bookstores, book reviews to member profiles, business concept to business titans, our hope is that this issue is indicative of the scope and quality of the coverage The Standard will carry going forward.

Looking Forward, Looking Back

With this issue, I happily and proudly assume the editorship of the IOBA’s (long neglected) Standard. And with our first new installment in more than two years, we also begin the tenth volume of The Standard, one that unveils what I hope will be only the beginning of many improvements to our august publication. But as with many things, before we can go forward, it helps to look back.


The Standard usually comes out on the first of January, April, July, and October, but here we are dropping the Fall issue down your chimneys in the last week of December.


In this issue, three online bookseller insiders weigh in on the ABE takeover; a New Hampshire bookman says farewell to a beloved children’s author; IOBA supports our South African colleagues; a cool letterpress Q & A; and Joe Perlman writes about Great Unexpectations. The Reference Desk performs a strip search; the book review comes with Goodspeed; and we open a new drawer for exciting interviews with up and coming authors. The Tool Box gets into a bind and fights corruption. IOBA Bookseller Profiles say Havre de Grace, MD; go leather in Devon, U.K.; yet bow to royalty in Palm Desert, CA.


As IOBAns on our internal Announce List know, I was recently elected president of the organization. The board of directors consists of a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer who are elected every year, and six members at large who…