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Interviews with persons about themselves and their passions

Interview With A Collector: Jerry Morris

“My major areas of collecting are books about books, association copies, Samuel Johnson, Mary Hyde, and early editions of William Strunk’s Elements of Style. But I don’t ignore my other collections. I am always looking for interesting books on NYC and outhouses. Yes, outhouses.”

Vic Zoschak of Tavistock Books

Bookselling is my second career. As a ’74 graduate of the US Coast Guard Academy, I spent the first 23 years of my professional life as a “Coastie.” In the mid-80s, I discovered collecting first editions, Charles Dickens specifically.

Philip R. Bishop of Mosher Books

“If I could have my pick I really rather enjoyed the old days. I enjoyed the hunt. I enjoyed finding material in out of the way haunts. I enjoyed the serendipity. And I enjoyed having an exclusive set of knowledge built upon my reference works, my experience, and my ability to find out information.”

Robert Fisher of Echo Letterpress

First of all Robert, thanks for taking time out from your very busy schedule, and congratulations on the recent addition to your family. By way of introduction, tell us a bit about Christina and yourself. Christina and I are both…

Judith Tingley of Meetinghouse Books and MARIAB

-Hi Judith. What is your life story before getting into bookselling, in one paragraph (and no cheating with a fifty page paragraph)? Hi, Shawn, and thanks for giving me this opportunity to blab about myself. I grew up on a…

Interview with Paul Mills of AuctionExplorerBooks

What is AuctionExplorerBooks, in a nutshell? AuctionExplorerBooks is an on-line auction site dedicated to the sale of rare and out-of-print books. Only booksellers who are members of the major trade associations may become sellers. This is to give buyers confidence…