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biography and autobiographies of IOBA members

Terry Gibbs, Gibbs Books, Williamsville, NY

I started as a book dealer quite by accident back in the 1980s. As a collector of photography and other interesting item from Automobiles (Thunderbirds) to you name it I’ve have collected it. I have always had a passion for photography…I’ve been a collector of photography and art starting full force around 1988.

Meryll Williams of Rainy Day Books (Australia)

All of my life I have been a book collector and all of my adult life I wanted to open a second hand bookshop. I settled for school librarian and continued collecting and started a mail order catalogue which worked well for 15 years. I left my job and started selling books through markets and also a stall in a mixed antique business. I decided at the age of 60 that if I didn’t open a shop very soon it would be too late and started looking for premises. After several fruitless months I found the perfect place 5 minutes from my home.

Vic Zoschak of Tavistock Books

Bookselling is my second career. As a ’74 graduate of the US Coast Guard Academy, I spent the first 23 years of my professional life as a “Coastie.” In the mid-80s, I discovered collecting first editions, Charles Dickens specifically.

Alan Deffenderfer of ABD Booksellers

My interests in reading have changed over the years. When I was in middle school, my parents bought a set of encyclopedias. I used to stay up after bedtime in my upstairs room and read articles on places, events and…

June Gaulding and Mark Gaulding of JMVintage

JMVintage is owned by mother and son, June and Mark Gaulding, and has been in existence since 2001. We are a specialized bookseller with unique niches and we sell solely online (although we do have occasional visits to our studio).…

Golden Books Group of Devon, U.K.

An Anglo-American Dyslexic selling books from England 1991 – 2008. Being the great-grandson of Abner Wolf (American pioneer grocer) is a hard place to be with a big reputation to live up to but being of similar character and disposition…

Sam Heitman of Naples Books, Inc.

In high school I hated to read and couldn’t have cared less about books. My teachers issued mass market paperback editions of the classics like army supply sergeants. Cover art was most likely a still from the latest film adaptation.…

Mark Sugen of Sugen & Co. Film & TV Tie-Ins

I began, as many dealers have, as a collector. Basically I collected (and read of course!) SF/fantasy and horror paperbacks. From Asimov to Tolkien via Lovecraft and Verne and all points in between. Obviously I was/am into the visual side…

Michelle Black Reagan of Everleaf Books

Like so many of my IOBA brethren, my online virtual store began life as a bricks and mortar establishment. High in the Colorado ski country, Wolf Moon Books operated on Main Street in picturesque Frisco. I began my bookselling adventure…