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Book Selling at Genre Conventions

“Fandom” is a term that certain science fiction fans use to describe themselves, and conventions are where fandom congregates to indulge their mutual interest in the genre and meet some of the authors and artists (the “pros”) who make it…

How to Buy Books Online

The aim of this article is to offer you, the buyer, some insights from a bookdealer on how to avoid these unpleasant experiences and to make buying a book online feel more like shopping in your favorite book store.

Turnover: An Introduction for Booksellers

Despite its utility, in my experience far too few book dealers understand the idea or importance of turnover for their business. Indeed, as I hope to demonstrate, there are few numbers you can know about your business that are as immediately useful and practical as your turnover.

BEST OF: “What’s this Book Worth?”

“Is it a first?” “What are the points of…?” “I can’t find a price guide for…?” “No copy on the net, and need to know the value of…?” Such are the daily, ubiquitous questions found on the various bookish listservs to which many booksellers & collectors subscribe.

BEST OF: Appraising for Booksellers

The type of appraisal this article addresses requires a written report with a lot of research backing it up. This type of appraisal usually gets scrutinized by the IRS or an insurance company.