Series: Spring 2008 (Vol. IX, No. 1)


As IOBAns on our internal Announce List know, I was recently elected president of the organization. The board of directors consists of a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer who are elected every year, and six members at large who…

Live Free or Die: A Book Dealer’s Travels in New Hampshire

n mid-January we spent a long weekend in New Hampshire, where the populace has extended “You are your own chairperson” even further through their motto “Live Free or Die.” My wife is an avid Nordic skier, so we have a tradition of spending Martin Luther King weekend up in New England. She bundles up and braves the cold, while I crank up the car and check out the used bookstores.

Buying Inventory on the Internet from Overseas Dealers

For many years, I was reluctant to purchase books from overseas dealers. Not speaking any foreign languages, I assumed it would be a nightmare communicating with them, figuring out the exchange rates, and arranging for shipment. What convinced me to try buying from overseas was my experience selling books to international buyers. Almost as soon as I opened my online bookstore, I began receiving inquiries from overseas clients. Working through these transactions convinced me that the international book market was both accessible and reliable.

Time and Again: A Fraudulent Book Purchase on Ebay

There was little time left in the auction, and I decided to take a chance, putting in a bid that eventually won the book. But when the $110 “true first” arrived, I could not believe what had been sent.

Insurance for Bookdealers

I decided a while ago that it was time to reconsider what I was doing with insurance for the company and began collecting information on the various options. One of my first paths was to post a request to the…

Book Hunter Press

(An update by Susan Siegel, co-author and publisher of the Used Book Lover’s Guides, the series of seven regional guides to 8,000 used book dealers in the United States and Canada.) Just as the Internet has dramatically changed the business…

Really Useful Phone List

As always please forward changes or additions or removals. – 800-747-2699 – USA and Canada 800-315-5335 / other 250-475-6013 / 250-475-7575 / UK 44-211-7117069-40 – 831-728-4881 – 877-254-2747 / 510-594-4573 / 510-652-2403 / 510-594-4500 /…