Series: Summer 2012 (Vol. XI, No. 1)

Pistil Books Online, Seattle WA

“For us, the biggest challenge in online bookselling has been the advent of the megalisters and digital versions of books, which have driven the down the value of books that we used to be able to sell for $5- $15 to nothing. It’s not easy to predict the changes that will occur in the trade in the next 5 – 10 years, but we have a hard time believing that the megalisters’ business practices are sustainable.”

How to Buy Books Online

The aim of this article is to offer you, the buyer, some insights from a bookdealer on how to avoid these unpleasant experiences and to make buying a book online feel more like shopping in your favorite book store.

Interview With A Collector: Jerry Morris

“My major areas of collecting are books about books, association copies, Samuel Johnson, Mary Hyde, and early editions of William Strunk’s Elements of Style. But I don’t ignore my other collections. I am always looking for interesting books on NYC and outhouses. Yes, outhouses.”

The Story of IOBA’s New Logo

A logo is, in many ways, like a person’s face. It is a graphic representation of an organization, easily recognized and often generating an emotional reaction in the viewer. Ideally, the logo will bring to mind the character and personality of the organization it represents. With IOBA well into its second decade, it seemed a good time to take a look at our logo and make sure it truly represented who we were and how we wanted to be perceived.