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A term sometimes used to describe a business model which is based on uploading a datafile consisting of  hundreds of thousands or even millions  of titles of books, many out of print, often at inflated prices, and implying that they have these books available to ship to the customer. In reality, these businesses are only data uploaders, with no inventory in stock.  If they receive an order, they attempt to find a copy for their customer, and usually request that it be sent directly to that customer. They usually do not give any description of the book, but assign it a grade  (new, very good, acceptable, etc) .  Sometimes they will add boilerplate to the data file ("wear to the covers") to bolster the false impression that they actually have a copy.  Sometimes they claim to be practicing arbitrage by listing in markets which might otherwise not have any copies, but they also upload data files to the same markets where booksellers are offering copies.  Some claim to have a "network" of dealers - but most do not work with, or have agreements with,  any actual booksellers. Because this business model is based on deception,  book buyers should beware of these sellers.

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