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When describing books bound in leather, it is common to use terms that describe the amount and location of the leather being used.

  • Quarter leather (1/4). This term is used when either the spine or corners are bound in leather. See LEATHER - QUARTER LEATHER / QUARTER BOUND.

  • Half leather (1/2). This describes books bound in leather at the spine and corners, usually when these are somewhat limited in size. See LEATHER - HALF LEATHER / HALF BOUND.

  • Three quarter leather (3/4). Used more commonly to describe books bound in leather at the spine and corners. See LEATHER - THREE QUARTER LEATHER / THREE QUARTER BOUND.

  • Full leather. The entire book is bound in leather, including the spine, corners and boards. See LEATHER - FULL LEATHER / FULL BOUND.

There is subjectivity in the definition of these terms and their usage varies among collectors, booksellers, and even bookbinders, but applying any given term consistently is most important in describing leather bindings.

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