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Captured Tyme Rare Books


Werlie Hendrix

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They're Not Just Books - They're Captured Tyme!

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1172 Ridgefield Rd., Mathews, VA, 23109, United States

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Captured Tyme Rare Books began their journey in the rare book world doing business as Distinctive Books, back in 1999. Somewhere along the line we changed our name - but not our philosphy. We just love books. Books are much more than just an inanimate object. They are a direct link and window into the past, and the people of the past. In many cases a book was the crowning achievment of a person's life. We know very little of our human history that was not written down. We will lose what we know now, for future generations, if we do not Capture the Tyme!

We are a small operation in rural Virginia with both an open shop by appt. and an online presence. We buy and sell rare and antiquarian books; primarily 1st eds. Currently, like many book sellers in our day, we are, more less, a huband and wife ran business. Being small, however, means we care about each and every customer we have. Our aim is customer satisfaction, and if our customer is not happy, then neither are we. Besides, if we don't have happy customers we can't buy anymore books!

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30 day complete satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, do not hesitate to contact us.

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