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Bruce Barnett

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847 913 5160

847 913 5160

PO Box 742523 , Boynton Beach , Florida , 33474, United States

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The Book Block began in 1979 in Greenwich, Connecticut. Later, the main office was moved to Lake Forest, Illinois while maintaining an office and bookbindery in Greenwich. In 2008, the Greenwich facilities were closed. Since May 2014, we have been based in Boynton Beach, Florida.

Bruce began collecting illustrated books in is teens. During his 20s, he and his wife, Sherry, were antiques dealers with a shop in Connecticut. Trained in law and finance, Bruce has been a practicing attorney and chief financial officer of a biotechnology company. Bruce continues to be a member in good standing of the New York State Bar.

Bruce provides appraisal services and owing to Bruce's background as a tax attorney, he is particularly knowledgeable about IRS rules and regulations. Bruce has lectured and written about changes to the US tax rules governing appraisals. His article entitled So You Think You're an Appraiser! was published in the Spring 2007 edition of The ABAA Newletter.

The Book Block is interested in buying individual items and complete collections of books, manuscripts, and other items of graphic interest. 

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