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Cronyn, Verschoyle P.; The Fly Leaf; PRIVATELY PRINTED, RARE;



[1968, London (ONT), (Privately printed), second edition, (1959, London, ONT)] 8vo; 30pp; Paper wrappers; A rare, privately printed Canadian salmon work—a fly fishing guide with an emphasis on salmon fishing, including tackle, casting and fishing. Cronyn was a a British fighter pilot during WWI. He was involved in the dogfight that claimed the life of German ace, Werner Voss, recepient of the Blue Max. Voss was considered by some to be the one pilot who could match Baron Von Richthofen (Red Baron). Cronyn wrote a letter to his father telling him that his plane had been shot up so badly that it was written off and that he was lucky to be alive. He also wrote that he couldn't sleep that night because of his ordeal. Cronyn wrote of his experience in "Other Days," which he self published in 1976. Cronyn was a part of an illustrious family. His great-grandfather was the first bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Huron. He founded Huron University College which grew into the secularised University of Western Ontario. His maternal grandfather was the founder of John Labatt, Ltd. (Labatt Brewing Company). His brother was the actor Hume Cronyn and his first cousin was the artist Hugh Cronyn. “The author was the Chancellor of the University of Western Ontario. He fished the Restigouche and it is probably that river he refers to in The Fly Leaf. This little book is rare, charming, and very appealing". — From the Charles Wood's "Biobliotheca Salmo Salar.” The first edition was printed in 1959 in slightly larger format. Not in Bruns. Indentations from a can or similar object on the lower cover o/w Very good.

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