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Naomi Maki, Yasuo Nakamura: Nomen / Noh Masks


$5,500.00 AUD

A beautifully presented collection of 180 plates of masks used in the classical Japanese dance-drama Noh. Each plate, photographed by Naomi Maki, is mounted in an individual folder with tissue guard, housed in a portfolio case, and includes an index sheet. An accompanying explanatory volume written by Yasuo Nakamura goes into detail on the subject, as well as containing black and white photographs of the reverse sides of the masks. The portfolio and accompanying volume are housed inside of another cloth clamshell with two bone clasps, which in turn is housed in another box. Yasuo Nakamura (1919-1996) was a Japanese high school teacher, junior college professor, and Noh scholar, producing numerous works on the subject from the 1960s until his death. His scholarship on this collection of masks earned him the Geijutsu Sensho Prize from The Agency for Cultural Affairs.

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