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The Art of Chinese Wooden Stands: The Songde Tang Collection




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A groundbreaking monograph and catalogue of an area of Chinese connoisseurship long neglected, this book details the development and diversity of decorative stands for Chinese art objects. Some incredibly ornate, while others elegantly simple, the art of Chinese stands draws upon a rich tradition of symbolism, rebuses and regional stylistic preferences. While the majority of stands illustrated date from the Ming and Qing, examples are also included from as early as Tang and Song. In addition to the wooden stands, which were miniature examples of fine Chinese wood carving and joinery, there are also metal, ceramic, lacquer and ivory examples included in the collection. The only English language book on the subject to date; essential reading for all with interest in the arts of the Chinese scholar. A highly sought-after reference, now very difficult to find. Text in bilingual English/Chinese. 347 pp., 230 colour plates and 20 b&w figures & drawings, chronology, references. Size: 31 x 23 cm.


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