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The IOBA Standard is the journal of the Independent Online Booksellers Association and covers the book world, with a special focus on the online used, out-of-print, and collectible bookselling markets.


Fall 2002 (Vol. III, No. 3)

Table of Contents

  • Editor’s Notes

  • the Interview: J. R. McWillians –

  • Popshops Offers Merchants a New Deal

  • The Interview: Andy Gutterman –

  • Update

  • Rhett Moran – BookAvenue

  • Announcements

  • Author Book Review: Debra L. Winegarten

  • Author Book Review: Kevin Paglia

  • Author Book Review: Jai Sen

  • IOBA Q & A Column

  • Frustrating Image Processing Roundtable

  • Commonly Used Bookseller Abbreviations

  • Book Fair Toolbox

  • How an English Orphan Girl Became a Viscountess and Went to California

  • Ephemeral Assays – The Word

  • Internet Resources for Bibliographic Research: OCLC

  • A Book and an Obsession – the Goldstone’s Out of the Flames

  • The Dickens Reference Shelf. An Annotated List.

  • 2002 Rocky Mountain Antiquarian Book Fair

  • 2002 Colorado Book Seminar

  • Michael Guessford – Oak Knoll Press

  • Jack Allen, author of “Change of Heart”, “An Innocent Among them”

  • Gary Kurtz, author of “Cold Noses at the Pearly Gate”

  • Self-Interview: Sean O’Donoghue, U.K. Bookseller

  • Adam Niswander, Author and Bookseller

  • Ken Fermoyle, Author and Bookseller

  • Marjorie Helms, author of “Not In Front of the Children”

  • Anirvan Chatterjee and Charlie Hsu,

  • Elephant Skin

  • Tom Sawyer, Creator of Record Manager, BookMaster, BookMate and now BookWriter


The Interview: J. R. McWillians –

From: J. R. McWilliams Database URL: What is your purpose in starting a online book database (i.e., to help online booksellers, to get a database that does what you think a

Popshops Offers Merchants a New Deal

The latest version of Popula’s combination auction and fixed-price marketplace boasts great price, simple user interface and irreverent atmosphere. LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – August 1, 2002 Popula Comp


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