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The IOBA Standard is the journal of the Independent Online Booksellers Association and covers the book world, with a special focus on the online used, out-of-print, and collectible bookselling markets.


Author Book Review: Kevin Paglia


Current Publisher: Publish America

Published Work:

“Exile”, published April 15, 2002, Publish America, trade paperback, Christian Sci-fi


Mathias is shaken from his chosen path when a dream sparks questions about the God his father died embracing. The same God was now asking Mathias to free His people, feed His people, and lead His people to a new life. Captured and imprisoned with them, Mathias hears the truth of Christ. Relying on their faith and his own will to overcome any obstacle, Mathias leads them in an escape with divine assistance.

Mathias’ journey brings him back to the Earth system where he makes a life for himself on the black market port known as the Dutchman, meets the love of his life, Ria, and grows in his understanding of God’s mission for him. Accepting that mission takes him to an extermination camp to save friends and spread his faith to nonbelievers through God’s love, after which Mathias finds himself back at the Earth Senate where his father died for his beliefs to finish the message his father started.

“Exile” is $19.95, available through Publish America #ISBN 1-58851-874-4.


Kevin R. Paglia

Author of “Exile”

I started my writing habit at the tender age of seven; basically as soon as I could make coherent sentences I started writing. It evolved along the normal lines of a few short stories to poetry, a play, an eleven-year-old attempt at a novel and finally into an adult love affair with writing. I always loved science fiction and even hand wrote a trilogy but while I loved the material the story just wasn’t there. When I decided to mesh my love of writing and love of God together, the stories came together. Christian sci-fi may seem odd at first, it is rare to find any futuristic Christian story line that does not deal with the end times, but when space exploration starts there will be Christians out there and I wanted to throw out stories that would inspire them like Star Trek did for its generation. For me the greatest honor in the world is to have a reader tell me how much they enjoyed my book and it made them think on a spiritual level.

When I’m not writing I love to play with my two boys. I am a stay-at-home daddy, so I have the honor of watching them grow up. I also love to play golf, play video games (political strategy games at the moment) and, fine–I’ll admit it, watching T.V. My wife and I are involved with Marriage Encounter as well, so as a presenting couple we are constantly working on updating our presentations. Since we live between in-laws (Moscow ID and Bakersfield CA), our travel time is spent taking the boys to see their grandparents. I wanted to provide a resource for readers to get to know me so I have a web site ( that has a page specifically devoted to informing people about me from favorite food to school to music I enjoy.



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