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The IOBA Standard is the journal of the Independent Online Booksellers Association and covers the book world, with a special focus on the online used, out-of-print, and collectible bookselling markets.


Changes at, Inc.

By: Robin Gutterman

Database URLs: and, Inc., the parent company of and the developer of BookTrakker Pro, is pleased to report a number of site changes and recent developments. In the forefront is an announcement concerning SmartSearch, new technology that produces accurate booksearch results.

Introducing SmartSearch Technology has developed new search technology for producing accurate search results. The first implementation of this new technology, coined SmartSearch, is in use on’s website and supersedes Advanced Search.

In a recent statement, Robin Gutterman of, Inc., commented, “The accuracy percentages using SmartSearch have far surpassed our original goals. We are confident that SmartSearch provides the most accurate Internet booksearch results to date, opening new dimensions for discerning customers and book collectors. SmartSearch produces highly accurate results even using data previously considered unusable, commonly referred to as “dirty data” by those in the trade. The full scope of its accuracy will become more readily apparent over time as dealers reupload their inventories and refinements are made. This is new technology; we are on new ground. Time will tell how far we can go with it; however, we have a good head start on further refinements.” In other news, recently began a new initiative to improve the bottom line for booksellers, streamline book orders, and increase overall site activity. Three significant changes form the base of this altered selling model: the abolishment of fees and commissions on direct orders to dealers; onsite posting of complete bookseller contact information to increase direct orders to dealers; and a new and simple flat fee structure on credit card orders processed by the website.

Fees and commissions on direct-to-dealer orders have been eliminated and website shoppers can view full contact information, as provided, anytime by clicking on Buy From Bookseller. Booksellers lacking their own bookselling websites can take advantage of this opportunity by selling direct to their customers using the website. is encouraging booksellers to include their own email addresses, telephone numbers, FAX numbers, and their business website URLs in their onsite contact information.

A simplified fee structure for credit card orders processed by the website became effective November 1, 2003. Briefly stated, the new fee structure, which replaces separate commission and credit card fees, is a flat 16% on site-processed payment with a limit of $50 per order. Chargeback fees on credit card orders processed by will not be charged to the bookseller. These cost-cutting measures, coupled with the existing policy of no application and monthly fees, are being implemented to provide an improved and more lucrative selling ground for booksellers.

BookTrakker Pro Automated Internet Bookselling and Inventory Management Software BookTrakker has entered the late-alpha testing stage for its automated Internet bookselling and inventory management software upgrade, BookTrakker Pro Version 3.0. A number of key features and enhancements will debut in this major upgrade to the software, including a quantity field and a speedy shortcut for multiple sales.

In order to provide more value-added services for the book trade, the company is pursuing development of additional software tools for booksellers and collectors. With ISBN Lookup becoming a critical issue for many online booksellers, a stand-alone ISBN Lookup Tool is at the top of the list. The ISBN Lookup Tool would integrate seamlessly with BookTrakker Pro V3.0, as well as 2.0 and 2.1 and can also be used as a stand-alone tool by users of other database programs.

About is an online marketplace for used and rare books, ephemera, and other unique or unusual items discovered by dealers, and caters to booksellers, collectors and the book buying public. The website is owned and operated by, Inc.

About BookTrakker Pro BookTrakker Pro Software provides automated Internet bookselling and inventory management software for online booksellers, used and rare book dealers and book collectors. BookTrakker offers a no-hassle 30-day Free Trial of the full version of BookTrakker Pro, which provides advanced inventory, wants and contact management and custom catalog creation.



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