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The IOBA Standard is the journal of the Independent Online Booksellers Association and covers the book world, with a special focus on the online used, out-of-print, and collectible bookselling markets.

feather-32534_1280.png has been busy adding new services this summer

Booksellers now have the option of:

– choosing to have process credit card or institutional IPO orders.

– setting their shipping matrix so that relevant taxes [state or VAT] are automatically calculated and added during the checkout process.

– issuing discount coupons for special customers or creating special sales for all customers.

These discounts will be calculated automatically during check out.

-using the mutual dealer discount program. Those participating in this program will find discounted prices listed when they sign in before searching for books. Mutual dealer discounts are automatically calculated and applied at check out.

One of the things we are very much committed to is providing book sellers with options – allowing them to customize their participation in to fit their business rather than requiring that every seller fit into a single mold.

Technology makes such options possible but it makes programming very complex. Every option must be coordinated to fit with every other option on the site. Allowing as few as 3 options in only two areas means that there are 6 separate programs to create and co-ordinate instead of one. There were times in the last few months when we were tempted to drop a few options in favor of a simpler program. But Poney Carpenter of Innovative Technologies assured us, “It can be done. It just takes extra time to program and co-ordinate all the extra interfaces.” Poney did the job! Our booksellers have many options available in our very first year of service.

In July, Michael Tokman announced a revision in our charges. Starting in September we will charge 10% of each sale until these commissions reach a Maximum Monthly Commission Cap based on the number of books you list with us. After the cap is reached the rest of the month is free regardless of how much you sell. Example. The cap for 1,000 – 10,000 books is $25.00. And yes, we still offer a special discount for those choosing to prepay for services.

Details of our charges can be read at

Our new additions to affect book buyers also. Book buyers will find an easier, more intuitive check out process. They will also be able to purchase gift certificates and use dealer discount coupons where applicable. Those who are shopping as part of our educational and non-profit outreach program can indicate their organization at check out if they do not choose to use the organizations’ special URL to access

Our next goal is to add to and improve our preferred customer program with its frequent buyer points, etc.

As always we are open to new ideas from the book community. We are serious when we say, “extra services at no extra cost” and although we know we cannot do everything immediately, we keep a list of services to be added in the future. If you have suggestions, do feel free to contact Michael Tokman in customer services and support at or Kate Lindemann in marketing at

Meantime thank you for your on-going interest and support of Choosebooks.



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