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The IOBA Standard is the journal of the Independent Online Booksellers Association and covers the book world, with a special focus on the online used, out-of-print, and collectible bookselling markets.


Deanna Ramsey : Hosting & Site Design for Booksellers

Deanna Ramsay

Editor’s Note: I’ve asked Deanna to provide us with a list of the services she provides since some of us are techno dummies and Deanna is, of course, a bookseller as well as a computer guru and understands our needs extremely well.

Web site design:

Shopping cart setup

  1. searchable MySQL database

  2. secure ordering

  3. customizable, and can be integrated into your current site design

  4. creates separate static html pages for each item in database

  5. auction payment page

  6. allows multiple payment methods (including PayPal)

  7. accepts tab-delimited data uploads (add, delete, or purge)

  8. does not currently accept UIEE (though that will be coming soon)

  9. discount coupons

  10. bestseller list

  11. optional thumbnail photo with each listing, links to larger image

  12. can be installed on any host which has the necessary features (MySQL, Perl, etc.)

Web Hosting:

Lots of features at reasonable cost.

All my hosting fees are listed here: Hosting Fees

Bw Web Setups:

I will set up BwWeb templates and INI files which can be sent by email and installed locally. All you would need to do at that point is hit the start button to make the pages, then upload them to your site. $50 per setup. The initial page upload, Google submission, and a simple front page is included.

In addition, I can set up Froogle upload files for you, using Bw Web.

BwWeb Uploads:

Will do weekly uploads of BwWeb pages. $50/month (up to 25,000 records – higher if more). Can also handle regular Froogle uploads if desired.


Help with search engine optimization, image optimization, html coding, website critiques, and miscellaneous other technical questions. An hour a month is included in any of my hosting packages.

Other stuff I do:

IOBA Webmaster (including setup of this newsletter) OCTRA Webmaster BooksCanada Mailing List owner Littera Scripta

Host of Bibliophile and various other book-related email lists Now and then I try to sell a book

And when I’m not working, I’m out riding my horse…



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