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Was Sirhan Sirhan a Programmed Assassin?

(James Musgrave, Author of Sins of Darkness) Programmed assassins attacked America on 9/11/01. Sins of Darkness shows how programmed terrorists were being created in the United States. Long before the training camps of Osama bin Laden, there was the programming of Sirhan Bishara Sirhan, a Palestinian refugee, who was ripe for the powers of the Sins of Darkness.

In 1968, the murder of Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy by Palestinian-American Sirhan B. Sirhan shocked the world. A swift trial led to Sirhan’s conviction for murder, and was hailed as a triumph for American justice. But was everything really as straightforward as it seemed?

Dr. Abigail Soloman, a Jewish prison psychiatrist, is plunged into a murderous conspiracy when she begins to examine Sirhan and discovers to her horror that he is the victim of a brainwashing group called the Lord’s Avengers. But, as she unravels the mystery surrounding Kennedy’s murder, she begins to question whether she has also fallen victim to mind control. Who is behind this sinister group, and why are they determined to wreak havoc around the world?

What impresses me most about SINS OF DARKNESS is its remarkably seamless blend of fact and fiction. Via Dr. Solomon, I learned a great deal about Sirhan Sirhan’s side of things, and there’s enough research layered on top of the crackshot suspense thriller plot to keep conspiracy experts pleased indeed. This one should find a large and enthusiastic audience. —Editor, Writer’s Digest Books

James Musgrave is a published author and educator in San Diego, California. His recent non-fiction title, The Digital Scribe: A Writer’s Guide to Electronic Media (AP Professional, ISBN 0-12-512255-1) has been internationally published. He has a M.A. degree in Creative Writing from San Diego State University. He was awarded the “Ebook of the Year Award, 2001-2002” for his thriller, Russian Wolves. He has also been published at with three novels: Sins of Darkness, Russian Wolves, and Lucifer’s Wedding. The first two novels were nominated for the $160,000 Frankfurt E-book Awards for the years 2000 and 2001. Mr. Musgrave has appeared on national radio and television promoting his work and the publication of e-books in general.

Russian Wolves:

This riveting story traces the creation of a serial killer and how one man’s desire to get his family to America causes him to use this killer as a paid assassin for the Russian Mafia. Can CIA agent Dr. Abigail Soloman convince her country of her discovery? A CIA serial killer thriller based on real-life mass murderer, Andrei Chikatilo.

Lucifer’s Wedding:

Miriam Weinstein and James Duvalier are cops with a difference. As psychic investigators for the San Diego Police Department’s Paranormal Psychology Unit, they are acutely familiar with the underworld of the occult. But nothing can prepare them for the unimaginable forces about to confront them. Satan’s time is at hand, and Miriam Weinstein bears the pentangle mark of his chosen bride. As the dead begin to rise, and the forces of good and evil rise up in anticipation of the final battle, the union known as the Black Wedding must be stopped at all costs.



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