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The Independent Online Booksellers Association is an international trade organization of Internet booksellers.


We offer opportunities for continuing
and provide a forum to network with colleagues and discuss issues that affect us all, worldwide. When you join IOBA you are strengthening the ranks of a trade association that preserves traditional bookselling standards and traditions while embracing new technologies.

The Flyleaf: IOBA Newsletter

Pop-Up books are a part of the broader category of Moveable Books, which are physically interactive with the reader. In this Flyleaf we’ll look at a few of the Pop-Ups published for children.


In the very early 19th century the first books for children using pop-up mechanics were published in Britain and Germany. They were expensive to produce and were not published in great numbers. Today Pop-Ups are still hand-produced and amazingly complex.


Click here to read the latest issue (opens in a new window). Enjoy!

IOBA Works for Book Buyers

When you order a book from an IOBA member you will be assured of a professional transaction.

All members strive to ensure your satisfaction through adherence to our Code of Ethics and by following the practices of our Book Buyer’s Bill of Rights.


IOBA also now offers a “first of its kind” scholarship for book collectors.

The Standard: IOBA Journal

Standard Summer 2016 front page image

The Summer 2016 issue of The Standard features several pieces on the Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar (CABS), including an essay on the IOBA scholarship program, and accounts from three IOBA Scholarship attendees of the 2016 seminar.


Rounding out the issue is a piece on book fairs by Jonathan Smalter, and a fluff piece (literally!) profiling Blake, shop cat at Philadelphia Rare Books & Manuscripts Company.