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The Independent Online Booksellers Association  is an international trade organization for internet booksellers. We offer opportunities for continuing education, and provide a forum to network with colleagues and discuss issues that affect us all, worldwide.  When you join IOBA, you are strengthening the ranks of a trade association that preserves traditional bookselling standards and traditions while embracing new technologies.

IOBA Works for Book Buyers

When you order a book from an IOBA member, you will be assured of a professional transaction. All members strive to ensure your satisfaction through adherence to our Code of Ethics, and by following the practices of our Book Buyer’s Bill of Rights. IOBA also now offers a scholarship for book collectors, the first of its kind.

The Standard:

The Journal of the IOBA


George R R Martin warned us that Winter Is Coming! But I say Spring is Coming – the Spring 2016 Issue of The Standard, that is.

Tim Doyle, Editor of The Standard writes:

One month ago, incoming IOBA President Joan White approached me about taking over as Editor, and re-booting The Standard after a lengthy hiatus. One month later, and the first installment in the new Standard is available.

This Spring 2016 issue includes a piece from incoming IOBA President Joan White, of White Unicorn Books, in which she lays out her short and long term vision for IOBA. Rachel Jagareski of Old Saratoga Books contributes a nice article on book blogging titled “Don’t Do What I Do”. I wax somewhat philosophical on “Serendipity in Bookselling”, and on the same topic we reprint an article from July 2008 by Joe Perlman, of Mostly Useful Fiction, titled “Embracing the Unexpected”. And finally I introduce a new column titled Bibliofile, which will present links to bits and pieces from around the world related to the love of books.


The Flyleaf:

The Monthly Newsletter of the IOBA

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This month, the featured topic of The Flyleaf is Aviation. Now that we’re firmly planted in the 21st century, it’s strange to think that the history of heavier-than-air flight is just over 110 years old. In that time, man has made remarkable strides in technological advances that toss humans up in the air and help them miss the ground.Take a look to see a number of example titles from our sellers that celebrate that history.